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The Moment of Truth

This is not your standard graduate opportunity. While everything you've learned about the scheme so far may be appealing to you we recommend you take our short self-selection quiz and receive some feedback on how well suited you are to the challenges and opportunities the role offers. Try and respond honestly rather than with what you think we'd like to hear! Your results won't have any impact on your application, should you choose to make one. The purpose of the quiz really is to help you decide if you and the Brand Ambassador role are right for each other.

Please remember to finalise your applications by 12:00 noon, 22nd January 2018

Step 1 | Self Selection Quiz

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Your sales team set up a meeting at a promising new bar. From what they've said, you understand you'll be offering whisky samples to customers during the evening.
Hours before you thought you were due to arrive, the bar manager calls asking where you are as they're expecting a staff training session.
Bar staff have arrived early to learn about Chivas Regal.
You realise you've crossed wires with your colleagues. You're on the other side of town, you don't have a presentation prepared and you don't have the full set of whiskies you'd use for a bartender training session. What do you do?